Shiur in Yoreh Deah


Join Beit Midrash Har’el’s Shiur in Yoreh Deah with Rabbi Herzl Hefter

Our second semester in Hilkhot Ta’arovot and Basar B’Chalav begins on Tuesday evening, February 21, at 18:30. We will study the sugiyot of Taarovot and Bitul Yavesh BiYavesh.

We will be learning the following “meta-topics”, namely sugyot which govern the application of Halakha in general-

Sfeika D’Orayta L’Chumra

Sfeika D’Rabanan L’Kula

Safek Sfeika

Bitul Barov


Those who have a strong background in Gemara and Halakha are invited to join our unique learning atmosphere.

For more information contact 058-656-3532