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The mission of Beit Midrash Har’el is to provide a viable alternative-model for Modern Orthodox Jews and construct a vision of Torah life and thought that is a compelling option for all modern Jews regardless of their affiliation.  The vision is more God-conscious, compassionate and inclusive.  We will honestly address the thorny issues rooted in the contemporary sensibilities of fairness and equality that challenge contemporary Orthodoxy today. This will strengthen the commitment of Jews by rendering religious life more full, intelligent and honest and communities more open and compassionate. Our graduates will reinvigorate Modern Orthodoxy and propel it beyond its current denominational boundaries.


A Leadership Institute

We will ordain rabbis, men and women, and educate thought leaders who will possess the knowledge, confidence and courage to teach a forward-looking Torah.

Beit Midrash Har’el was founded in October 2013.  Here, men and women who are committed to the halakha, study Torah as equals and enjoy equally the stature that their learning bestows upon them within the community.

In June 2015, we became the first, and, to date, the only institution to formally grant Semikha, Orthodox rabbinic ordination, to women, conferring upon them the unambiguous title of “Rabbi”, alongside their male counterparts.

In the short time that Har’el has been in existence, we have succeeded in our goal to change public discourse within the Orthodox community. Beit Midrash Har’el now seeks to maximize the impact of its vision with a fellowship program to train future rabbis and thought-leaders in the Jewish community.

Student Profile

Our prospective fellows straddle the divide between the spiritual intensity of the yeshiva and the freethinking and sophisticated world of academia.  They will bring to the Beit Midrash a strong background in Torah, secular studies and contemporary culture. The open and equitable ethos of the Beit Midrash will draw students who embrace those values. The equability between men and women in our Beit Midrash is a value that we hold deeply.  We model this by taking it for granted as an issue we no longer need to revisit.

The Program

Beit Midrash Har’el will grant Semikha to students who successfully complete the three year program. The Beit Midrash will have three seven-hour sessions and one one and a half-hour evening session every week.  Fellows will receive a stipend to ensure the feasibility of their participation.

Criteria for the Fellowship Award

1) Fluency in Hebrew. The classes will be conducted in Hebrew.

2) Proficiency in Talmud/halakha study.

3) Commitment to halakhic observance.

4) Intention to contribute to the Jewish people and assume a leadership role in community preferably through a rabbinic or educational calling.

5) Advantage- pursuit of an advanced degree in an area which will serve a leadership role in the future.

6) Commitment to produce educational products such as writing for a website, published journal or online teaching.

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